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Improve customer experiences, drive conversions and amplify marketing efforts

Personalized marketing

Though it may take more effort to obtain and maintain a personal connection with customers, research shows that people who feel an emotional connection to your company are far likelier to purchase your products and champion your brand. Traditional marketing, however, is often insufficient in building trust and affinity or creating customer advocates.

Chatbots built on the Kore.ai platform provide a more “human” way for brands to engage with prospects and customers. Engaging leads with AI virtual assistants allows your brand to efficiently use information gathered from your websites, back-end systems, and past interactions to provide personalized experiences and to suggest products that closely match a user’s interest level, background, and needs.

Customer engagement and retention

AI marketing assistants can conduct lead scoring and engage leads in real time. Recent research from InsideSales.com shows that lapses between form submission and marketing or sales contact directly impact whether leads are converted into customers. Their research shows that the “odds of contacting a lead if they are called within 5 minutes are 8 times higher versus one called in 30 minutes.” They go on to argue that the “odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes are 21 times higher versus 30 minutes.”

Our chatbots can also play a key role in retaining customers by providing instant, personalized and engaging customer service, collecting essential data, and acting as a source of excellent product knowledge – eliminating human error. They also allow you to quickly and easily reach out to customers and provide them with targeted messages, special deals, coupons, and other offers that convince them to stick with your brand.

Lead nurturing

Chatbots can play a critical role in moving customers through the sales funnel. Chatbots built on our platform allow you to gather, store and retrieve – via seamless integration with back-end systems – the information needed to create highly targeted messages, demos, and offers. Our AI marketing bots can be used to perform lead scoring by monitoring if a certain button is pushed at the end of a sequence. The chatbot could then notify your marketing or sales team the moment this occurs so you can jump into a live chat, send an email, or provide some other value-added service and do what needs to be done to close the sale.

Kore.ai bots can also help qualify and nurture leads via location targeting, such as automatically disqualifying anyone more than 50 miles from your nearest store, or via specific interactions, such as posing a series of questions that steer individuals toward the most relevant call-to-action, like submitting a lead form or setting up a 1:1 demo.

Our platform allows you to scale your marketing with the help of marketing automation lead scoring. These, among many of our other features, ensure that each and every lead that visits your website or social media page receives a tailored experience – without the need for additional headcount or dedicated personnel.

Brand mention monitoring

Old-school marketing strategies tend to be reactive, in that they only actively reach out to and communicate with people who contact them first. AI virtual assistants for marketing support, however, can empower you to proactively reach out to your target audience without the associated cost or effort. Our chatbots can seamlessly integrate with existing brand tracking software, allowing you to quickly and easily monitor ongoing discussions about your brand online, gain a clearer understanding of how others interact with your brand’s products or services, and allowing you to uncover new reputation management opportunities. This allows you to use simple voice or chat commands to push or pull information from your brand tracking system, generate relevant reports, or set up and receive alerts so that you are notified the moment a new opportunity is identified.

They can also be used to automatically send welcome messages to people when they access your website or social media profiles, as well as send your marketing team notifications if a human is needed. This can help elevate your brand in the minds of visitors and customers, enhance your reputation, and increase the number of daily interactions – ensuring your marketing efforts have a net positive effect on overall sales and revenue.

Customer analytics

Chatbots can automatically gather insights and other information about your customers. Kore.ai bots can log key data points, track purchasing patterns, and analyze habits, as well as manage a database of basic customer details. They can also store information on the types of questions being asked and the complexity of those questions, allowing you to be better equipped to answer future queries or upsell those customers with additional products.

Plus, our bots increase the likelihood that customers provide the type of data and feedback you need because they can frame questions in a non-intimidating way using natural language and a conversational tone. In addition, our chatbots can leverage machine learning and other analytical tools to analyze this feedback and provide insights into what your audience truly wants – allowing you to refine and improve your marketing strategies.

Social media outreach

Social media chatbots help businesses scale their social media efforts by answering customer queries, delivering personalized content, and automating customer outreach. Our social media chatbots can monitor corporate social media profiles for new comments, likes, or messages, and respond in real time by asking questions about their needs, providing additional information, or by upselling your products to existing customers.

They can also be used to connect landing pages and social media. For example, when a customer registers for an upcoming webinar or event, a social media chatbot could reach out to that individual via the messaging channel of your choosing and engage with them in a meaningful and personalized way – increasing the likelihood they will attend and, eventually, convert. Kore.ai bots allow you to maintain an active social media presence – without the associated time or cost.

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