Deliver Higher Engagement

Conversational and Context-aware Virtual Assistants

with dialog turn management

Users often fail to follow a task to its logical conclusion before initiating another, which means that the assistant must guide the conversation in the new direction and provide results – without losing the original context of the conversation.

The platform empowers you to handle virtually all nuances related to human conversations, including interruptions, clarifications, and more. In addition, you get complete control in defining the dialog turn and context switching experience for users.

Hold and Resume

Human conversations are twisted and communicate multiple tasks before the logical end of the previous task. The platform provides you granular control with “hold and resume” functionality to handle such scenarios. It allows you to control context switching rules, behaviors and configure for how the assistants behave when intent resumes –

  • Seeking confirmation from a user before taking action
  • Notifying a user before fulfilling the request
  • Automatically completing the task without alerting the user

Sub-Intents and Follow-Up Intents

Handling dynamic conversations and switching between intents and entities or combining multiple intents requires robust intelligence.

The platform’s intelligence engine captures and stores all intents and unattended interruptions to maintain the context, thus, offering free-flow conversations to users. It also performs tasks from a list of identified follow-up intents or gives you the ability to trains and refine these flows.

Multiple Intents

Deliver human-like conversations to your users. The platform’s intelligence engine breaks conversations down to their essence and identifies and follows up on multiple action items or intents in a single message. The assistant can then execute tasks sequentially and logically.

The Experience Optimization Platform is the only one today that can handle multiple intents at the dialog management layer.

Amend Entity

Virtual assistants built on the platform allow users to amend entity values at any point in a conversation. The assistant understands the context of the request, identifies the entity to be amended, and then either clarifies the action to be taken or takes action directly – all without writing a single line of code.

Small Talk

The custom small talk feature extends the virtual assistant’s built-in small talk abilities, build a personality and train the assistant to conduct casual conversations. It provides an easy-to-use interface for quickly generating multiple scenarios by providing the user and assistant utterances. The Custom Small Talk UI Editor can be used to build nested conversations to answer follow-up questions and context-specific responses.

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