Orchestrate Tasks From Multiple Virtual Assistants

to drive a seamless UX

A Single-Pane-of-Glass

for all your enterprise virtual assistants

Universal virtual assistants connect your individual virtual assistants to simplify the user experience through a unified interface. Incrementally update the universal virtual assistant by adding new skills and without impacting the previously added skills. Seamlessly route actionable requests linked to assistants to speed task execution.

Simplify Interactions

with linked assistants

Universal VAs take user requests and determine which linked assistant to call to tackle the task at hand, quickly multitasking on the person’s behalf while continuing the existing conversation.

Train the UVA

to identify correct assistant

The training for universal virtual assistants should be aimed at ‘assistant identification’. Implement it by training with Invocation Phrases, Invocation Name and user utterances. Improve the training by identifying unmatched intents and match utterances with the appropriately linked assistant and corresponding tasks.

Superior User Experience

with rich messaging

Traditional text-only conversations are boring and damage the user experience. The Kore.ai Digital skills, including widgets, panels and forms, provide a unique blend of intuitive conversational and digital user experience to every user.

Building a Universal Virtual Assistant


Single, unified interface for multiple enterprise virtual assistants.


Build assistants for specific use case and link together.


Rank the relevance and engage the appropriate assistant.


Provide suggestions in case of ambiguous or unrecognized requests.


Connect with virtual assistants deployed on other channels.

Start Building Fully-functional Universal Virtual Assistants

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