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Kore.ai IVAs turn prospects into customers and improve sales operations

Lead scoring and nurturing

Lead nurturing is often a tedious, yet critical process for any sales organization. In fact, recent research suggests that 80% of B2B sales require at least five follow-ups after initial contact and that about 50% of leads are never sent follow-ups at all. That’s a lot of potential customers and revenue lost. Chatbots and AI can conduct automated lead nurturing and foster the entire lead nurture and conversion journey by contacting, engaging, and qualifying prospects in place of a human rep. Plus, our bots, functioning as lead nurturing automation tools, can answer prospect questions by integrating with your existing knowledge base, and can even redirect the conversation to the correct sales rep or manager for assistance when and if needed. Our AI sales platform can help streamline lead scoring by integrating with your sales systems, like predictive customer analytics platforms, and by providing comprehensive bot and user usage data that can be used to build new models or refine existing models. Conversational AI in lead scoring allows you to better predict the likelihood that a given prospect will convert, helping sales reps to prioritize their leads.

Contact analytics

Many sales reps spend their time focusing outward on prospecting. However, the most successful salespeople tend to look inward – at the wealth of information already in their CRM. Our AI chatbots for sales can empower sales reps by providing them with the insights and contextual information they need to reach out to and engage prospects more effectively. They can also improve productivity by eliminating the need to manually hunt for information stored within an AI powered CRM. They can simply ask a bot, using natural language via voice or text, for the data they need to do their best work. Our bots can even work as AI sales assistants to help collect and analyze customer contacts, including phone calls or emails, to suggest the best course of action on a particular deal.

Scheduling support

In today’s world, prospects want to interact with companies on their schedule. Conversational AI for sales can address this demand, and help sales teams schedule and organize their day more effectively, without significant additional effort or resources from the company. Our bots integrate seamlessly with your scheduling software, allowing customers to quickly and easily book calls and demos from the channel of their choice without waiting on your reps. Our bots can even be used to proactively reach out to and book meetings with prospects whenever they reach new stages in your funnel or when other predefined events occur. Sales reps can also use our predictive sales AI bots to quickly and easily pull prospect data and sales-enablement documents, like battlecards, pricing guides, and scripts, during customer calls and engagements – ensuring they have exactly what they need to win, whenever and wherever they need it. Our chatbots can also help pique interest in additional products and services during the scheduling process by making helpful, personalized suggestions based on purchase or conversation history.

Data entry automation and predictive analytics

Chatbots can be used as AI-powered sales assistants that can help eliminate cumbersome data entry tasks like filling out forms and updating information in CRM systems. Our bots can even help keep information up-to-date and accurate by allowing sales reps to update multiple systems of record from a single conversation or request. Using the data they collect, machine learning, and predictive analytics, Kore.ai bots can help determine customer behavioral patterns, accurately segment them, and provide recommendations on the types of content that will speak directly to their needs and pain points. Leveraging AI in sales enablement allows sales reps to provide the right content at the right time – helping prospects better understand your offerings and increasing the likelihood of winning the deal.

Sales forecasting

AI for sales forecasting can provide a variety of solutions, including bots, that can help solve some of the biggest problems companies face today. Our bots can help gather the data needed from suspects, prospects, and past and current customers to build predictive models. Our bots can also integrate seamlessly with existing back-end systems and forecasting software, allowing sales managers and leaders to quickly access predictions, recommendations, and reports whenever needed. Kore.ai bots can even be used as b2b sales enablement tools by alerting account managers when new potential business opportunities are identified for existing customers and can provide direct support when attempting to upsell and cross-sell.

Opportunity scoring and guided selling

Bots built on our platform can sync with your back-end systems to provide sales reps with the data and insights they need – such as win or loss probabilities and potential closing dates – to prioritize opportunities and decrease reaction times. Our bots can also act as sales enablement tools. The bots are able to do this by making data-driven recommendations on products, pricing, and next steps – helping increase the likelihood of advancing and closing deals throughout all stages of the buyer’s journey.

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