Unlock effortless IT with Conversational AI

Deliver personalized, always-on IT service for your employees wherever they are

Introducing IT Assist

Supercharge your ITSM

with AI-native virtual assistants

Bridge the gap between IT and business with employee engagement focused virtual assistants that help you manage, engage, and service your global workforce effortlessly

Deliver effective service experiences with virtual assistants that understand your workforce!

AI-Powered ITSM

Deliver faster resolutions, enhance productivity, and elevate employee experience with AI-driven service management. IT Assist helps you deliver round the clock contextual support for your employees.

Intelligent & Instant

IT Assist is a pre-trained, agile solution that helps deliver value from day one. Our uniquely personalized solution for IT use cases is ready-to-go, requiring minimal training and customization.


IT Assist fits into your business’s existing technology ecosystem with zero hiccups. Highly flexible on the inside, and extremely secure from the out, IT Assist becomes the go-to choice for rapidly evolving businesses.

Omnichannel IT Support

Support your employees from anywhere, anytime. IT Assist consolidates queries from multiple channels (phone, SMS, Messaging, etc) and provides instant resolutions in 100+ languages out of the box!


Legacy ITSM solutions are rigid and unintuitive. IT Assist allows users to create powerful workflows and automations with simple no-code tools accelerating service delivery and improving employee friendliness.

Deliver frictionless IT with Conversational AI

Knowledge Search

Get the right answers


IT Assist makes your knowledge base more dynamic by presenting end-users with answers instead of FAQs. Knowledge Search highlights only the important/user-relevant parts of FAQs, articles, and knowledge libraries.

IT Assist Unlock Accounts Instantly

Access Management

Simplify access

across your organization

IT Assist uses intelligent AI that talks to identity management/ active directory services (like Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, SNOW, etc) to identify and manage end-user issues. Reset passwords, unlock accounts, and deploy well-governed security and compliance policies to minimize risk.

Ticket Management

Deliver seamless self-service experience

for end users

IT Assist’s powerful ML capabilities help streamline incoming tickets to save time and effort. Smartly deflect tickets for existing incidents/issues. Stay in sync with announcements from your service desk. And empower users to solve issues on their own with powerful self-serve capabilities.

Omnichannel Support

Connect with employees

wherever they are

Converse, collaborate, and connect with employees anywhere and anytime with Omnichannel capabilities. Help employees find answers faster on any channel via AI-powered virtual assistants and help them resolve queries with lightning speed.

Integrate with a family of much loved conversational experiences extending across the full stack of web, live-chat, mobile, email, phone, Slack, MS Teams, and more.

Incident Management

Drive service efficiency

with conversational AI

Identify, report, and notify employees about incidents with IT Assist’s unified incident management capabilities. The solution’s simple framework enables end-users to push all incident-related notifications across multiple channels in a flash.

Smart Agent Transfer

Deliver real-time collaboration

for critical issues

Seamlessly route conversations to a live agent. Identify end-user intent/sentiment with Kore AI’s powerful NLU engines. And deliver on-demand service for issues that need critical attention from agents with a single click.

Service Request Management

Replace forms with

intelligent conversations

Search, find & request services/products from a single window. IT Assist simplifies requests by offering end-users pre-configured forms for their requests based on intent. Send notifications to approvers or groups and add additional information whenever a request gets approved/denied.

IT Assist Usecase

Out-of-Box Capabilities

Access Management

Reset passwords and unlock accounts for Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, SNOW. Send reminders about resetting Okta passwords to uphold compliance with your security policy.

Smart Self Service

Triage conversations and provide relevent information about outages, app health checks, related FAQs to mitigate duplicative ticket creation.

Incident Reporting

Guide users through incident reporting as defined by your ITSM application without reconfiguring the bot. Dynamic adaptation maintains connections, automatically adjusting to backend changes.

Timely Notifications

Keep users informed with proactive notifications of their active incident tickets as the status changes.

Submit Request

Allow employees to request hardware or software from existing self-service catalogs using your workflows. Catalogs are dynamically updated.

Request Status

Empower employees to look up the status of their requests. Deliver status notifications as requests progress through the workflow.

Create Tickets

Employees can create, view and update tickets with ease. Authorized approvers can review and approve or deny tickets in the defined workflow.

Outage Broadcast

Outages declared by the service desk can be boradcast to all users quickly. Keep users updated to help reduce unnecessary and duplicate tickets.

Knowledge Search

Knowledge articles published by the service desk are available to employees on-demand to help them troubleshoot issues. Users can search existing FAQs to find additional support information.


Make IT yours

Solution Workbench provides a sandbox-like environment that allows admins customize, personalize and extend IT Assist without the need of complex coding or IT resources.


Bring IT together

IT Assist connects with industry-leading enterprises to automate and deliver instant IT support.

Customer Stories

Why customers love IT Assist

Understand how customers like you leveraged conversational AI to elevate IT service delivery

“With IT Assist’s “IVA” smart virtual assistant, Deutsche Bank handled 70,000+ queries during the pandemic. Deployed in multiple languages on their intranet, IVA handled queries 24×7 and brought down their deflection rate by 45%. IT Assist delivered cost savings of $640k+ within the first year of deployment and is delivering more YoY. ”

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