Make Banking Smarter and Easier

Empower your customers to master their finances with BankAssist, an AI-native conversational banking assistant that helps customers understand, manage and improve their finances on any channel at any time.


Deliver Extraordinary Banking Experiences

that drive extraordinary business outcomes

Finances are a fundamental part of every human being’s life that can be complex and confusing. BankAssist provides a simple way to understand and interact with finances, delighting customers with a phenomenal experience and creating a new relationship and level of trust between banks and their customers.


90% Containment

When users engage BankAssist


18% Reduction

In contact center agent call/chat volume


85% of Transaction-Based Use Cases

Automated with BankAssist

*Based on customer data

More than 200 Banking Use Cases Out of the Box

BankAssist understands over 200 of the most common retail banking use cases from simple, single-turn questions like a balance inquiry to complex multi-turn conversations like reporting fraudulent transactions or a stolen credit card.

The bank can customize current capabilities and build out new use cases to deliver exactly the desired experience, scaling past the initial out-of-the-box capabilities.

Check Balance

  • View Checking, Savings, CDs, IRAs, Credit Cards, Loans, Lines & Mortgages
  • View account balances
  • View available funds
  • Check affordability
  • External accounts

Transfer Money

  • Internal Transfers between accounts that you own
  • External Transfers between accounts that you own
  • Schedule/Recurring transfers

Bill Payment

  • Pay/Schedule a Bill
  • Add a new biller
  • Sign up for an e-bill
  • Sign up for Auto Pay
  • Set up a recurring Bill Pay

P2P Transfer

  • Make/Request/Schedule/Split Payment
  • Set Recurring Payment
  • Add New Payee
  • Modify Payee

Transactions & Spending

  • View Transactions
  • Get account statement
  • Search by Amount, Date, Transaction Type or Descriptor within one or across all accounts
  • View spending by major categories
  • Set budgets & savings goals
  • External account transactions
  • Disputes

Account Details

  • View/modify user profile details
  • View Account details
    • Limits
    • Routing & Account numbers
    • Origination Details
    • Rates & Fees
  • Card Lost/Stolen
  • Reward Points

Alert Set Up

  • Balance/Withdrawal
  • Deposit
  • Overdraft/Over limit
  • Payment Due
  • Card not present purchase
  • Card purchase greater than $X


  • Bank/Branch/ATM locations
  • Working hours
  • Services offered by the bank/branch
  • Relationship Manager Information
  • Credit Score
  • Password Reset
  • PIN Reset
  • Card Activation
  • Payment Deferral Request
  • Secure Messaging
  • Feedback


Automate Human-Like Conversations

in Voice and Digital

BankAssist automates and humanizes customer interactions on any voice or digital channel with industry-leading natural language understanding (NLU) technology.

Provide customers a virtual assistant that understands messy human language, maintains context within each use case, across use cases and across channels, and is resilient to any changes or updates customers make throughout the conversation.


Bank on Any Channel

with a consistent experience

Access BankAssist on any channel at any time, 24/7/365. The same intelligence, the same experience, regardless of the channel. Voice, digital, SMS, web, mobile, email, IVR and more, meet your customers on the channel of their choice.

Provide self-service automation and agent assistance in the contact center by coupling BankAssist with SmartAssist and AgentAssist, the AI-native contact center solutions offered by


Bank in Any Language

with the same intelligence

BankAssist is currently localized to English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and Japanese. Over 100 other languages are supported with localization completed in as little as 6 weeks.


Quick Set-Up and Management

with Solutions Workbench

The Solutions Workbench is a no-code tool that makes it simple to configure and deploy BankAssist. Select the workflows, integrations, customer segments, and other configuration options to get BankAssist up and running in no time.

Main Dashboard


Analyze and Improve

with granular user insights

View detailed performance insights of BankAssist in production to identify strengths and gaps in the experience. Understand how customers engage with the virtual assistant and what the experience is like.

Leverage this data to improve the experience over time and identify new use cases to offer within BankAssist to service additional customer requests. Create the most comprehensive banking assistant tailored specifically to your customers.


Integrate with Any System

to maximize impact

Banking systems are complicated and often need as many as 15 different applications to execute customer requests. BankAssist includes out-of-the-box integrations into core banking systems, payment gateways, livechat, credit cards, IVR systems and more.

Build a quick and simple integration with’s Service Mapper for any system that is not supported out-of-the-box. New integrations can be completed and tested in as little as a week.


Deploy Strategically

to fit the needs of your business

BankAssist offers flexible on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid cloud deployment options giving you full control of your data and operations.


3,000+ Banking Terms

Synonyms, Traits, Patterns


200+ Use Cases

True self-service


35+ Channels

Omnichannel banking


100+ Languages

English, Spanish, Japanese, German +++


45+ Integrations

Plug-and-play core banking systems


24/7 On-demand

Banking and support for customers

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