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Improve access to care and reduce burden on clinicians

Automated patient outreach

Ai chatbots for healthcare built on the Kore.ai platform can save hospitals potentially millions of dollars each year in labor and other costs. For example, a single missed appointment can cost healthcare providers an average of $200. Our chatbot solution for healthcare can provide smart appointment bookings and reminders.

This helps your organization analyze patient behavior and history to predict no-shows before they happen. Kore.ai healthcare chatbots can even be used to automate routine tasks such as providing and confirming referrals, performing patient satisfaction surveys, helping customers book appointments and follow-ups, and paying bills. Conversational AI in healthcare can be used to verify important information such as insurance coverage and current symptoms as well.

Patient engagement and lead generation

Hospitals and clinics can use our chatbots for medical providers to integrate with backend billing, inventory, and insurance claims management systems. This integration allows healthcare providers to quickly and easily generate invoices for payments and allows patients to more easily interact with your billing department.

Health insurance providers, likewise, deploy our healthcare chatbots to answer common questions related to coverage, claims, and procedures – freeing up agents to focus on more difficult cases and more productive work.

Prescription drug information

The average patient spends a significant amount of time online researching the medication they’ve been prescribed. Ai virtual assistants in healthcare built on the Kore.ai platform are used by pharmacies across the world to answer common medication questions such as composition, drug interactions, recommended dosages, side-effects, differences between generic and name-brand, and more.

They can even be used as an inexpensive and unique networking tool for both pharmacies and manufacturers on websites, apps, and other digital channels.

Billing and registration

Onboarding new customers is often a cumbersome process. Most insurance agents are stuck working the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process – an end-to-end process where firms create, price, and prepare initial policy quotes and collect “cash” from customers. These tedious, long processes reduce an insurer’s ability to issue new policies and generate additional revenue. Using AI, insurance quotes can be assessed and delivered to policyholders more efficiently. With our conversational AI insurance bots, the entire QTC process can be automated – greatly reducing the time needed to onboard new customers and giving insurers the opportunity to focus on finding and closing new deals and launching new products and services.

Medical equipment support

Not all questions are related to symptoms or drug interactions. Patients often need information related to the medical equipment they need to get healthy. For example, they often need to know where to get their wheelchair serviced, or where to source new oxygen cylinders from. Hospitals and clinics can learn from the questions patients ask conversational ai in healthcare so that they can start to provide that information at the point-of-care, instead of forcing patients to search for the information later.

Patient reminders

Patient compliance and medication adherence is an ongoing struggle for healthcare providers. Kore.ai healthcare bots can send patients reminders when they need to take their medication or perform exercises, such as in the case of physical therapy. Our bots can also be used to send reminders to patients that their prescription needs to be refilled, or they are due for a routine checkup, and for other health-related issues.

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