Deliver The Next-Gen Process Execution Experiences

with AI-first no-code automation

Extraordinary Experiences

with intelligent process automation

Existing back-office automation is limited in accepting and processing conversational inputs, often relying on human intervention to complete tasks successfully. There is a need for intelligent assistants to automate these processes efficiently and enhance the experiences.

Process Assistant by

powering multi-user, multi-step business workflows

The Experience Optimization Platform offers a lite-weight and easily manageable Process Assistant Builder. It empowers you to quickly develop and deploy business workflows to automate every business process and trigger it conversationally. The platform provides in-depth insights and suggestions, assisting you in further fine-tuning the process.
These processes might be applying for a leave, submitting a claim reimbursement or raising an invoice.

Optimize Experiences

The process assistants built on the platform are conversational; interact in natural language. Just say – claim reimbursement or apply for leave.

Lower Costs

The single platform is ideal for building virtual and process assistants; deploy them on multiple channels. You will not spend on numerous tools.

Increase CSAT

Let your users have human-like conversations and access assistants on their desired channels at their convenience, thus gaining higher customer satisfaction.


Design Business Process Flows

with a drag-and-drop tool

Most app development tools require extensive coding.’s intuitive drag and drop interface empowers process owners and citizen developers to build powerful process assistants with minimal coding. Flowchart-like tools on an infinite canvas comprehensively capture and implement multi-user, multi-step workflows.

Conversation First

the natural way of triggering processes

Seamlessly integrate AI-powered virtual assistants into your process workflows without the need for external APIs. Invoke the processes with human-like conversations.

Multi-User, Multi-Step

workflows automate processes across departments

The platform offers extensive tools to implement build workflows that can accommodate your business logic and complex workflows. Efficiently execute multi-user, multi-step scenarios.


Collect User Information

with custom forms

Capture user inputs quickly with intuitive UI-rich forms. Build dynamic digital forms using a wide range of prebuilt components using drag-n-drop tools. The forms adapt to different views based on user role and state of the workflow.


Orchestrate Information

from various sources

Seamlessly integrate with business systems using APIs and connect with other flows to easily exchange information. Moreover, create a data table on the platform to store, read, and modify the data as needed.

Reports & Insights

Make Informed Decisions

with advanced reports and insights

The reporting module provides comprehensive information and critical insights on events and tasks helping you discover problems and optimize performance. Graphical visualizations help with more profound analysis. Further, create custom reports to track the key performance indicators.


Expedite Development

with ready-to-use templates

The Process Assistant builder offers pre-built templates that automate processes across the enterprise functions. These include HR, Finance, Admin, Legal, Marketing and more. Configure or customize these templates to meet your specific needs.

Choose from Pre-built Workflows

No-code Builder

Optimize Experiences and Automate Interactions Right Now!

Are you a non-developer, business user or non-data-scientist and willing to build & deploy AI-powered virtual assistants and process assistants? Here you go, the XO Platform’s no-code tooling capabilities enable you to achieve your goal without writing a single-line-of-code.

The platform’s no-code tooling, drag-n-drop interface, UI-based training module and pre-built templates are ideal for you to kick-start your conversational AI journey instantly.


Learn all things about XO Platform

It is one place for you to learn all things about virtual assistants and process assistants with in-depth descriptions, how-to guides, API repository and explanatory videos.


Get trained and certified on XO Platform

Learn the best practices to implement conversational AI projects within your organization. Attend the expert training session and get rewarded with Basic and Advanced certification.

Template Store

Accelerate your conversational AI projects

Leverage pre-built templates from the Template Store. Import and edit these assistants to meet your business requirements, thus saving significant time and effort.

Automate Business Processes with Ease!

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