Conversational Commerce: The Future of Retail is Here

By 2023, over 70% of all chatbots accessed will be retail based. Furthermore, chatbot ecommerce transactions will reach $112 billion annually – Juniper

Global retail brands can benefit from implementing virtual assistants


increase in brand loyalty index and customer engagements


increase in website traffic and online sales


increase in store conversions


of consumers want personalized offers and deals from chatbots virtual assistants redefine the shopping experience

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    24/7 Customer service

    The retail landscape has changed significantly in the last few years due to increased demand for self-service, the digitization of shopping, shifts in consumer buying behavior, and increased competition between online and brick-and-mortar operations. Consumers today want to engage with your brand 24/7, have generally low attention spans, prefer to shop mobile first and tend to use peer recommendations and online research methods before making purchases. Customer service teams are thus spread thin trying to answer product questions, performing exchanges, helping customers find the nearest store, and providing order tracking information. chatbots are transforming the way companies handle customer inquiries by providing comprehensive and consistent service anytime, anywhere. Our bots platform can even be integrated with virtually any IVR system.
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    Product notifications

    To stay competitive and top-of-mind, it’s imperative that brands keep their customers up-to-date on the latest releases, the newest collections, and the hottest trends. Retailers are using virtual assistants to redefine and replace traditional marketing methods. Instead of sending promotional emails and nurturing customers through pre-defined flows, brands can use chatbots to promote products in real-time in a way that is more trendy, casual and conversational. Our bots provide personalized shopping experiences and make it easier than ever for customers to find and purchase your products.
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    Order processing

    Retailers are increasingly using virtual assistants to process orders across digital channels. Customers can, for example, easily order products by chatting with a bot and entering personal details like name, telephone number, billing address, and payment method. Customers can then complete the checkout process directly within the app or channel of their choice or be redirected to a dedicated checkout page. Our bots can even be used to send personalized promotions and offers based on past purchases and customer requests.
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    Order tracking’s retail virtual assistant help customers keep track of their purchases and shipped orders by reducing the number of steps needed to get this information. A customer can, for example, simply chat with a virtual assistant and learn the status of a purchase in a matter of seconds or use the bot to find the nearest store by entering their zip code or address.
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    In-store assistance

    Growing demand for self-service and drastic changes in the habits of consumers, particular the rise in mobile shopping, have forced retailers to constantly re-think and re-imagine the online and offline customer experience. retail bots can easily be embedded into every customer touch-point – ensuring customers always have access to the most up-to-date information and that they have streamlined, branded experiences both in-store and online. Our bots can be used to both drive traffic to stores, such as through the use of push notifications and coupons, and drive more sales when in the store through self-service customer support, item location assistance, along with right-time, right-fit offers at the point of sale.
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    Holiday promotions

    The holiday season is vital for many online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Some retailers estimate that they make as much as 30% of their yearly sales during this period alone. Virtual assistants built with help customers more easily find the items they are looking for, compare prices and make the best decision. They can also be used to deliver highly targeted seasonal offers and to educate customers on current and upcoming holiday promotions. retail virtual assistants increase sales and cut costs virtual assistants can act as automated shopping assistants for your customers, improve and personalize service experiences, streamline retail operations, and simplify existing workflows

  •’s retail virtual assistants can handle the most complex of questions, analyze consumer behavioral patterns and enhance the shopping experience by providing personalized alerts and offers
  • Our platform allows you to integrate AI into existing systems and support channels – ensuring you can provide the best possible in-store and online assistance to customers
  • Conversational interfaces provide engaging experiences for prospects by converting contact forms and shopping carts into natural language – increasing the likelihood that customers provide all their information and complete the checkout process
  • Our platform allows you to connect disparate systems and apps – fundamentally streamlining digital workflows. Our virtual assistants can deliver relevant updates, automate tasks, provide on-demand reports, and execute workflows for inventory management and other important functions

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