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Free-Flow Designing
Don’t get bogged down by complex logic. Design your conversation flow with ease, just like using popular flow designing tools such as Lucid Charts and Miro boards.
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Spacious Nodes
Experience crystal-clear readability when crafting key information like names, types, prompts/messages, and transition conditions.
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Annotation Tools & Whiteboarding
Enhance your design process with annotations that articulate your flow, ideas, and thought process. Perfect for ideation and brainstorming.
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Seamless Transitions
Connect nodes effortlessly without the need for intricate transition rules. Define them with a simple description and fine-tune during testing and publishing.
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Collaborative Design
Foster teamwork by enabling multiple users to co-design flows simultaneously. Ideal for collaboration between conversation designers and bot developers.
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Infinite Canvas
Create and organize your flow logically on an infinite canvas, tailored to your purpose and objectives, for easy reviewing and auditing.
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Secure Data at Rest
Keep conversations flowing with comment threads that allow you to ask questions and exchange ideas seamlessly.
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Share your designs with external audiences for feedback and approvals, ensuring your conversations meet your objectives.
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