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Easy Connectors
The robust content ingestion framework offers prebuilt connectors (Webcrawl, Directory, CMS), custom connector support, sync management (content filtering, enrichment, sync frequency), and flexible control over data synchronization.
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Data Extraction
Transforms content into snippets, summaries, and chunks involving various tools: presets, content hierarchy analysis, layouts, size-based chunking, summarization with Large Language Models, and optical character recognition.
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Content Enrichment
The platform uses GenAI and LLM-powered modules to enable content cleansing, augmentation, addition of metadata, configuring business rules, and feeding enriched data back to source systems.
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Multimedia Content
Effortlessly handle diverse content types, from webpages to structured data, audio and video files, knowledge management systems, and FAQs. It employs various extraction strategies, including OCR, ML models, and transcriptions.
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Retrieval Methods
The techniques, including Keyword Search, Graph-based Search using domain ontology, LLM-generated embeddings, and a flexible Hybrid Approach, enable various retrieval strategies based on the query type.
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HITL (Human In the Loop)
Offers robust modules for ML model training, enhancing document recognition across domains such as financial analysis, operating manuals, clinical records, and drug manuals. It enables precise model fine-tuning.
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Explainable AI
Experience an interactive conversation simulation on the platform. It leverages real-time data to deliver answers. Review qualified chunks, search prompts, and responses, and make desired modifications.
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Guardrails and Governance
Guardrails safeguard against misuse, privacy breaches, the spread of malicious content, and bias in AI. Answers’ topical guardrails maintain knowledgebase boundaries, guiding search assistants to avoid unwanted information.
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