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Kore.ai virtual assistants transform customer service and streamline routine tasks

Automate customer support

Level one customer support requests are often basic and repetitive, tying up resources that could be better put to use solving level 2 and level 3 requests. Chatbots built on the Kore.ai platform can quickly and easily handle level 1 inquiries, such as providing billing details, processing payments, and helping customers address potential discrepancies in their plan. Our chatbots can even be used to help address more complicated support requests by collecting information about the issue and automatically creating a ticket for the support team. This has the added benefit of eliminating human biases from the ticket creation process.

Simplify account management

Agents are often asked for account details like how much of their data has been consumed, how many texts have been sent, how many minutes they have left, and more. Businesses, likewise, often need to know error rates and overall network utilization to ensure they can, in turn, meet SLAs with their customers. Our chatbots can provide a wide range of account services through the web, mobile and social channels of your choice, making interactions with your brand simple and convenient for both customers and agents.

Improve IVR interactions

Customers often have to go through multiple IVR options before they can resolve their issue or reach a live agent. Such experiences can be frustrating for customers, especially if they are in a hurry or the request was relatively simple. Our chatbots, when integrated with your IVR system, can simplify and humanize this experience for customers. Instead of navigating through multiple menus and DTMF rules, users can simply talk to the IVR and get their issues resolved quickly. This results in a more streamlined and positive customer experience from beginning to end.

Optimize field operations

Customer service teams often handle calls from irate customers about the whereabouts of field service technicians. This is complicated by the fact that they often don’t have the most up-to-date information. Changes to these customer requests happen frequently, making it hard for the customer support team to keep track of and juggle customer needs and technician schedules. Our chatbots can streamline field operations by gathering customer requirements and automatically finding the nearest available technician to handle the request. By automating this process, organizations can save, on average, close to 70% of a customer service agent’s time and 40% of a field technician’s time – allowing them to focus on more productive work.

Increase cross-selling rates

Kore.ai chatbots can help increase conversion rates by automatically upselling and cross-selling products to customers and by reducing cart abandonment rates. Chatbots, for example, can be used to provide existing customers with personalized offers on data packages, subscriptions to partner services, or other similar products based on past conversations, user profiles, and purchase history. Our chatbots can even be used to generate new leads for the sales team.

Personalize user experiences

Customers tend to prefer personalized services over one-size-fits-all offerings. Our chatbots make it easy to provide personalized recommendations based on a user’s behavioral patterns and content preferences. Bots can also proactively help customers by integrating with and monitoring backend systems for problems, such as errors flagged by IoT devices, and by alerting support staff via an automatically generated ticket or other method. Field service technicians and other support staff could then examine the ticket and fix any potential issues before they impact operations and your customers.

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