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Kore.ai IVAs provide new opportunities and competitive advantage

Provide personalized news, updates and releases

Leading media companies know that they have to go beyond providing news stories worth reading, and that they have to deliver news in new and novel ways in order to attract and retain readers and subscribers.

Our media chatbots can help companies deliver the stories individual readers are passionate about in a manner that is memorable and engaging. Our NLP-driven bots can even remember context from past engagements, and send notifications to users about exclusive content or the latest and most relevant news based on their reading or viewing habits.

Promote tours and events

Effectively promoting tours and events and driving ticket sales – without breaking the bank – is important for businesses in the media and entertainment sector. Our chatbots make it easy to spread the buzz about upcoming events because they allow you to leverage popular social media platforms, websites and other channels to get the word out in such a way that speaks to various segments of your audience. Our chatbots allow you to send helpful, personalized alerts and notifications about upcoming events and tours – based on user interests and content preferences – and can even be used to sell tickets directly on event pages, Facebook pages, and more.

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Chatbots built on the Kore.ai platform allow media and entertainment companies to create and deploy engaging, personalized and interactive conversational customer satisfaction surveys that help you measure and improve the customer experience. Our bots can handle virtually any type of customer satisfaction survey including, but not limited to, product, support, sales, and website satisfaction surveys across multiple channels. The platform automatically collects customer feedback and provides all the analytics and actionable insights you need to continually improve your marketing efforts.

Sell more merchandise

Media and entertainment companies generate nearly 20% of their yearly revenue from merchandise sales. Our chatbots can play a major role in helping these companies market and promote merchandise – and ultimately push more product to their customer base. Our chatbots can also save data from past conversations, user profiles and purchase histories, and leverage this information to push relevant products, promote upcoming tours that may be of interest, or to make personalized offers.

Increase CTRs

Research shows that chatbots are a great way to boost click-through rates (CTR) for media and entertainment companies. Online advertisers want to display their ads as effectively – and as cost efficiently as possible – and thus typically only pay per impression or click. Boosting CTR thus helps increase revenue for media and entertainment companies and makes them more attractive overall as a source of product endorsements and paid testimonials. Kore.ai chatbots have already been deployed to websites and other channels by multimedia companies across the world, and have helped countless companies improve website and campaign CTRs. Our bots fundamentally understand a users intent, engages them, and encourages them to click on landing pages and other call-to-action techniques in a way that is more dynamic and interesting than traditional marketing approaches.

Translate and localize content

Content is king for media and entertainment companies. AI-powered chatbots built on our platform can automatically convert a piece of content into other languages for multilingual, regional and international publications. Our bots can also help multimedia businesses collect data on what kinds of content are most desired by their audience, what topics generate the most engagement, and which channels are the most effective for achieving different goals. This data, as well as customer responses and the way in which they describe concepts in everyday language, can be captured by the bot and used to help create new content that speaks to their life.

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