Agent Experience Optimization

Support your most valuable contact center asset with AI automation so your agents can focus on what matters.

Happy Agents Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Agent burnout is one of the biggest challenges today’s customer service organizations with an average annual turnover rate consistently in the range of 30-45% range.  SmartAssist creates optimal agent experiences and alleviates agent attrition with conversational AI automated assistance and an omnichannel, AI-driven desktop for your agents.

Automation for Agents

You can automate 50-80% of your current customer engagement with SmartAssist, enabling customers to quickly and efficiently get issues resolved and reach live support when required. Your agents are now freed up for more complex customer engagement.

SmartAssist conversational AI doesn’t stop there. AgentAssist, your agent’s virtual assistant, takes over the low-level, repetitive tasks allowing agents to handle complex interactions with empathy and personalization.

Automate up to 75% of the work agents perform while they are on the phone, chat or other digital channels with your customers, freeing them to focus on what matters– engaging with customers.

How SmartAssist Elevates the Agent Experience

SmartAssist includes AgentAssist, a virtual agent for your agents and an AI-driven desktop including supervisor and manager views, automation and other key metrics and insights.

  • Routes customers to automated engagement or right channel or agent resource based on intent, customer information and history.
  • Personalizes the conversation with quick access to customer information and preserved context across channels
  • Guides agents throughout the conversation with suggestions, next best actions, the performance of tasks, information retrieval and automated conversation summaries.
  • Assists agents with repetitive work during the customer conversation so they can focus on customer interaction.


Elevate the Agent Experience

AI automation for agents exponentially increases productivity and satisfaction of your most important contact center asset, setting your agents up for success, by delivering the best possible customer service experience.


With Live Conversational Tasks and Engagement

so agents can focus on customer engagement

AgentAssist provides your agents with their very own intelligent virtual assistant, freeing them to focus on delivering timely, personalized service and leaving intent detection, fulfillment, information retrieval and other repetitive or mundane tasks to automation.

AgentAssist uses AI to monitor the customer-agent conversation and identify intents and sentiment such as greetings; frustration, interest in solving a problem; interest to buy and upsell opportunities. AgentAssist also performs tasks such as transfers, information retrieval and more and provide agents with next best action suggestions to improve engagement.

AI-Driven Desktop

Empower your agents with the tools they need to work smarter, not harder when managing omnichannel customer engagements. The result is happy and engaged agents delivering exceptional customer service experiences. SmartAssist delivers a customizable desktop with agent log in, console and dashboards for personal performance metrics. Agents also have access within the desktop to their own virtual assistant along with relevant contextual data, agent tools and access to real-time metrics which elevates the employee experience.


SmartAssist Desktop

SmartAssist includes the SmartAssist Desktop with an agent log in and console and AgentAssist or you can use your current desktop, and embed AgentAssist.

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